Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013

Gastbeitrag: I see you real soon

Heute richtet mal mein hinreißender Ehemann das Wort an euch. Ich kann ja schließlich nicht ALLES selbst machen. ;)


Yo. I feel that is always an adequate way to start a blogpost, especially one that is not read by people who have the slightest interest in hiphop. Who else would say ”Yo” then a hiphopper? Well, someone that is perhaps, slightly ironic or just completely out of touch with reality – not realizing that ”Yo” hasn't been an appropriate greeting since the golden days of MTV cribs and, well, MTV in general.

So. Now that I got you completely confused, first by writing in english (yes – I am sorry for that aber mein Deutsch ist nicht gut genug fürs schreiben) and then by beginning with hiphop (which here happens to be completely irrelevant) let's get down to the funky beat.

Gothenburg, is as you might have noticed in the blog posts by my lovely wife mrs H, a town full of exciting thrifting. As you have seen what my wife is on the hunt for, my aim at the second hand stores is slightly different than the one of my wife. While she heads for the fabric and old books I aim for the shelves with old electronics and vinyl records. It's not just about that I want to store a shitload of old electronics... Well, I also do, but sometimes you can also find stuff that can be sold or stuff that just look beautiful and match the decoration of my studio.

Yes, we have two hobby rooms next to each other in our five room 105 sqm appartment. My colleauges at work think I am retarded when I say that we don't have enough space but really – the appartment is fucking stuffed with crap. If we were to have another child we would be in serious space trouble. I would have to rent a studio to make another room free for another child. Oh god...

But it is like that, my hobby is a bit easier to place in another location (and also the neighbors might like the prospect of that, I have the feeling that they are not really into me and my music friends looping the same 20 second electronic music loop for five hours - which doesn't annoy ME at all - mrs H.).

Anyway, we like it like this. We are both collectors by design (I don't want to say hoarders really, but some people might). So yesterday we wanted to go to this little second hand that I have seen just a few hundered meters from us (but never been into). However, when we got there it was closed – FOREVER it seems. Darn. So what to do?

I didn't really feel up for it but mrs H insisted that we should go to the other second hand close to our home. And well, since it's so close I'm not really the one to argue. Mrs H of course instantly headed for the fabric while my eyes got cought by two synthesizers standing almost right inside the door of the second hand. Let me tell you this, finding professional synthesizers in second hand stores is extremely rare. I've found a lot of toys in the past, some old sequencers and some real crap. But real professional music tools are RARE. I have a friend of a friend who found a rhodes piano for 5€ (which has to be the extreme they can be worth as much as up to 3000€). Naja, what to do, when you find something interesting then of course google is your friend. I know you germans don't like google and facebook and other evil american companies but what to do eh? The future is awesome when you can actually find out the information you need right away.

Google told me that one of the synthesizers was the baby brother of the legendary Yamaha dx7, and I already have big brother there – so – not interested. However, the other synhtesizer, a Yamaha TX21Z, apparently worth about 100€ was here availible for 25€... happy days.

Meanwhile the wife stuffed up on fabric for her amazing patchwork, handles for a bag, chopsticks and stuff for embroidery. These little stores are really wonders and it's amazing what people actually get rid off. In the end we left there, paying more than we did for dinner and drinks for two people the evening before at the restaurant (which my wife blogged about), but somehow it always feels like you gain from shopping second hand.

My goal with this synthesizer was a bit unclear (sell or keep?) so naturally i had to team up with my musical friend Erik and try it out. And yes, it sounds amazing from time to time, so I am 25€ poorer and not 75€ richer I'm afraid.

Mrs H said that she is really the easy one in this relationship, which in this case is true. I love her, I love and hate my music companions in a weird, un-understandable way, even for me. Music is a creative output and I could never be without it. I'm glad she is so understanding with me when I loaf off into my studio and prefer not to stick my head out.

So what else now then? I'm at work again for 8 days. It's both good and bad. It's horrible to be away for that long but it's also lovely to come home again. So, in the words from the song we finished yesterday:
I see you real soon.


  1. Wow, Mr. H, you seem to be a very charismatic man :D

    Frau H. anscheinend haben Sie da einen wirklich guten Fang gemacht ;)

  2. Das sag ich doch die ganze Zeit :D

  3. Ich bin erstaunt das leute findet mich "charismatic"... Aber danke sag ich dann. Ich hab mich auch ein wirklich gute fang gemacht.