Montag, 21. April 2014

BG, die Zweite

Das ist der erste Abend, an dem ich mit offener Balkontür im Wohnzimmer sitzen kann. Das ist einerseits erfreulich, andererseits auch beängstigend - das werden doch wohl nicht schon die beiden Wochen Göteborger Sommer sein?? Was auch immer Abschätziges über das Sommerwetter hier gesagt wird - es stimmt.

Jedenfalls war ja heut Ostersonntag und alle hingen mit der Familie oder Freunden rum und so. Wir nicht. Herr H. arbeitet und darüber hinaus hab ich hier keine Connections. Aber das Wetter war grossartig und so habe ich mich endlich mal daran gemacht den Balkon auf Vordermann zu bringen.

Ich wollte euch eigentlich einen richtig tollen Balkongartenpost um die Ohren hauen, mit Bildern von meinen Tomatenpflänzchen etc. Aber gestern Morgen schmiss der Nachwuchs einen halben Becher Kaffee über meinen Laptop, der nun erst mal ne Woche trocknen sollte, bevor ich ihn wieder einschalte. Also keine Archivfotos. Ich bin schon froh, wenn ich auf dem Ersatzrechner Fotos bearbeitet und hochgeladen bekomme. Der Mac und ich, wir werden einfach keine Freunde. Nicht in diesem Leben. Das Ding macht mich irre. Und Photoshop existiert nur in einer abgedrehten schwedischen Version, die einem Kopfschmerzen bereitet.

Auch von Facebook bin ich kein Freund geworden. Was mich nicht überrascht. Ich finde es lästig, aber was muss, das muss. Die einzige richtig coole Sache daran ist die regionale Tauschbörse. Nach meinem ersten Versuch letzte Woche habe ich heute Morgen 4 Tomaten- und Chilipflanzen gegen Erdbeeren aus einem Göteborger Vorortsgarten getauscht.

Ich hab dieses Jahr ein paar recht extravagante Sorten am Start. Letztes Jahr habe ich meine Regenbogentischsets gegen einen prall gefüllten Umschlag mit Samen aus Claudias Garten getauscht. Darin waren jede Menge Chili-, Paprika- und Tomatensamen und ich bin schon ganze gespannt darauf wie die am Ende aussehen und schmecken werden. Oder ob sie überhaupt gelingen. Eine Sorte von den Chilis wollte z.B. überhaupt nicht.

Danke nochmal dafür, Claudia! :)

Freitag, 18. April 2014

heisser tip: bitte nicht "bohemian rapsody" ins karaoke singen - more guerilla posting by Mr. Ears

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A nice good morning is always in order, there is always someone who just woke up, but regardless if it is a good morning or not putting a good in front of the morning stops you from sounding like an old grumpy fart.

Ok. This is gonna be really unstringent and confused. It is late night and I am at work. My "short" work week, meaning 6 days on board the boat (after which I will have 8 days off and we will go to my parents summer cabin for some well deserved "vacation" - Grandma and Grandpa will look after gurke and we will get to relax a bit).

I had a nice day meeting and coffee with Mrs. Hands today, since I have the night shift (good night shift - start 17:00 and quit late morning) I can actually - for once - get off the boat for more than just a few hours in the day. Yes, I do need more sleep than Mrs. Hands but there should always be a bit of time to meet them every other day when we are in Gothenburg.

And again, yes, it is a very different life, working about a week and having about a week off. Imao I think all people should work like this - the entire society should be built around a two shift system. Your work week you work 10,5 hours per day EVERY day (without extra pay on weekends and such crap) and then you have one week off.

We have super-election year in Sweden (Mrs. Hands actually gets to vote for Swedish candidates for the EU parliment if she wants to) and we also have national parliment election (where Mrs. Hands, unfortunately, does not get to vote since she is a citizen of Germany). The Left-wing party in Sweden is putting in the Lobby for 6-hour day (which will never fall through anyway), and I think it's a rather retarded idea. With this two-shift system you would create MORE jobs, and I am pretty sure people would feel better, actually having every other week off. What do you think? two weeks of vacation every month sounds a bit better than four or five weeks in a year, doesn't it really? Even if you would get to work more when you work?

Ok, enough politics. Over to danish karaoke, yesterday I had to stand danish schlager-karaoke and tonight someone actually tried to pull of bohemian rapsody... Seriously people, just don't. As a musican this if fucking hurtful. I can't sing for shit, but trying to do one of the most complicated numbers, originally sung by one of the best singers ever that ever lived. NOT A GREAT IDEA. Just as an advice...

I wish I had pictures of various things to post, but I am on a work computer and are completely out of those things.

mrs. hands fixes that. :* Mr. Gurke sits here on the floor in my pretty
untidied sewing room and paints worms. "Måla maskar, mamma!" Since 
they watched worms at preschool he is horribly fascinated by them. and
ants. He even dreams of them. So this will be my easter weekend - bad
weather, staying at home for three days with an impatient pain in the neck.
Hooray :/

Take care of each other, be nice, stay safe, and ALWAYS wish a good morning, regardless which time it is.

Mr. Ears, signing out

Dienstag, 15. April 2014

Pictures of the Week #14/15

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#1-3 Besuch im Seefahrtsmuseum mit Aquarium. Die dort neu eingeführten Touchpads anstatt der klassischen Tafeln waren leider schlichtweg interessanter als die Fische... Visited the Maritime Museum & Aquarium. Unfortunately those new information touch pads instead of the classical boards were much more interesting than the fishes... #4 Ein Krokodil zum Anmalen! A crocodile for coloring! #5 Minischwede hilft mir ganz konzentriert beim Paperpiecen :D Miniswede helps me highly concentrated with my paper piecing :D #6 Neue Roboterbuxen, ganz fix mit der Overlock genäht. New robot pants, quickly sewed with the serger. #7-9 Müde Miezen. Tired kitties. #10 Kackila! (Paprika) Mit Nuss! Pepper! With nut! #11 Hexagone... ("Mammas Käcksabone!") Ich hab gar keine Lust mehr darüber zu schreiben. 470 hab ich jetzt, aber es sollten eigentlich viel mehr sein. Hexagons ... I really don't feel up for talking about them anymore. Made 470 now, but it should actually be a lot more. #12 Farbflash gegen Scheißwetter. Color rush against crap weather.

Montag, 14. April 2014

Everyone should have a little rainbow.

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Woohoo, es hat aufgehört zu regnen und ich konnte Fotos von meiner neuesten Regenbogenkreation machen! ^^ Ich hatte Lust auf was Schnelles und Unkompliziertes, das ist nur zur Hälfte gelungen. Einfach mag die Quilt-as-you-go-Methode ja sein, aber einen 1,30m langen Tischläufer aus schmalen Streifen zu nähen, braucht halt trotzdem seine Zeit.

Aber ich liiiebe das Ergebnis! :) Ich habe mich *hust* mit Rot und Orange ein bisschen zu sehr ausgetobt, da war für die restlichen Farben viel zu wenig Platz übrig. ^^

Auf der Rückseite eins der Labels, die ich mir letztens machen lassen habe. 

Größe: 130 x 30 cm

Woohoo, it stopped raining for once so I could take pictures of my latest rainbow creation! ^^ I so felt up for something easy and quick, but that just worked out partly. The quilt-as-you-go method might be simple, but piecing such a long table runner from slim fabric strips surely takes its time. 

But I so love the result! :) I was a bit too enthusiastic with red and orange so there was hardly enough space for all the other colors. ^^

On the back you can see one of the labels I ordered lately.

size: 130 x 30 cm

Samstag, 12. April 2014

Playground Friday [unauthorised, guerilla post by Mr. Ears]

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My lovely wife, Mrs Hands, is still sleeping and our little one just decided to lie down in bed again - after getting me up - making me take a bath (with the obligatory cup of coffee)... Which means that I can't sleep anymore, hence, I make a little guerilla post here.

As you may or may not know I work and are away from home every other week, it's a bitch and a blessing. It is great that you get to miss your family and not get on each others nerves every day, but it is also a bitch, of course to not be there all the time for them if anything happens or just for daily life.

Being at home means I should take more responsibility in the household. I try to be a good husband and cook and prepare dinner every day (though I cook to fatty apparently - even when I cook vegan). I was grown up with cream in every dish all the time. Hard to get away from. Well, it also means that I change all the diapers. In the beginning my reaction to this was: WTF?!!, but really, it makes sense. Mrs Hands changes _all_ the diapers when I'm away so why would not change all the diapers when I am at home...

And now he puked into our bed, ok. It looks like it will be one of those days...

Unfortunately then we have a mama-issue then, papa is not good enough when we are sick. We'll see what we can do today. Here are pictures from yesterdays playgrounding when me and the gurke where alone in the playground (to give mommy a little time for herself). I'm not as good a photographer as Mrs. Hands but I recently bought a "real" camera and use one of grandpas old lenses from the 60s... It works pretty nice.

Kind regards,
Mr. Ears