Samstag, 12. April 2014

Playground Friday [unauthorised, guerilla post by Mr. Ears]

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My lovely wife, Mrs Hands, is still sleeping and our little one just decided to lie down in bed again - after getting me up - making me take a bath (with the obligatory cup of coffee)... Which means that I can't sleep anymore, hence, I make a little guerilla post here.

As you may or may not know I work and are away from home every other week, it's a bitch and a blessing. It is great that you get to miss your family and not get on each others nerves every day, but it is also a bitch, of course to not be there all the time for them if anything happens or just for daily life.

Being at home means I should take more responsibility in the household. I try to be a good husband and cook and prepare dinner every day (though I cook to fatty apparently - even when I cook vegan). I was grown up with cream in every dish all the time. Hard to get away from. Well, it also means that I change all the diapers. In the beginning my reaction to this was: WTF?!!, but really, it makes sense. Mrs Hands changes _all_ the diapers when I'm away so why would not change all the diapers when I am at home...

And now he puked into our bed, ok. It looks like it will be one of those days...

Unfortunately then we have a mama-issue then, papa is not good enough when we are sick. We'll see what we can do today. Here are pictures from yesterdays playgrounding when me and the gurke where alone in the playground (to give mommy a little time for herself). I'm not as good a photographer as Mrs. Hands but I recently bought a "real" camera and use one of grandpas old lenses from the 60s... It works pretty nice.

Kind regards,
Mr. Ears


  1. Cool guerilla post, Mr. Hands!
    Hopefully puky little Gürkchen gets well soon.
    Nice pics btw, have fun playing with your new toy, "real" cameras are awesome :)

  2. What a funny idea, hijacking Mrs. Hands' blog.
    Regarding Mama-issues, I think many children have some kind of "preference" for a while (Pretty sure I did, too...), especially if they realised one parent is always around and therefore possibly also more experienced in dealing with sick children, so they just got used to it. (I vaguely remember when I was sick, my mom wasn't around and, albeit trying his best, my dad was a bit helpless because he hadn't really had the chance to gain experience with whiny, sick little me or what to do in which situation, but I was probably expecting him to do exactly what my mother would've done. However, in my opinion what counts is trying, which it appears you are. Nobody's perfect.) I wouldn't read too much into it.
    Anyway: get well soon to your little one.

  3. Aww. Thank you for guerilla posting, Mr. Ears. :)

  4. Thank you all. I will do my best to hijack the blog whenever I have something to share :)
    /Mr. Hands