Freitag, 18. April 2014

heisser tip: bitte nicht "bohemian rapsody" ins karaoke singen - more guerilla posting by Mr. Ears

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A nice good morning is always in order, there is always someone who just woke up, but regardless if it is a good morning or not putting a good in front of the morning stops you from sounding like an old grumpy fart.

Ok. This is gonna be really unstringent and confused. It is late night and I am at work. My "short" work week, meaning 6 days on board the boat (after which I will have 8 days off and we will go to my parents summer cabin for some well deserved "vacation" - Grandma and Grandpa will look after gurke and we will get to relax a bit).

I had a nice day meeting and coffee with Mrs. Hands today, since I have the night shift (good night shift - start 17:00 and quit late morning) I can actually - for once - get off the boat for more than just a few hours in the day. Yes, I do need more sleep than Mrs. Hands but there should always be a bit of time to meet them every other day when we are in Gothenburg.

And again, yes, it is a very different life, working about a week and having about a week off. Imao I think all people should work like this - the entire society should be built around a two shift system. Your work week you work 10,5 hours per day EVERY day (without extra pay on weekends and such crap) and then you have one week off.

We have super-election year in Sweden (Mrs. Hands actually gets to vote for Swedish candidates for the EU parliment if she wants to) and we also have national parliment election (where Mrs. Hands, unfortunately, does not get to vote since she is a citizen of Germany). The Left-wing party in Sweden is putting in the Lobby for 6-hour day (which will never fall through anyway), and I think it's a rather retarded idea. With this two-shift system you would create MORE jobs, and I am pretty sure people would feel better, actually having every other week off. What do you think? two weeks of vacation every month sounds a bit better than four or five weeks in a year, doesn't it really? Even if you would get to work more when you work?

Ok, enough politics. Over to danish karaoke, yesterday I had to stand danish schlager-karaoke and tonight someone actually tried to pull of bohemian rapsody... Seriously people, just don't. As a musican this if fucking hurtful. I can't sing for shit, but trying to do one of the most complicated numbers, originally sung by one of the best singers ever that ever lived. NOT A GREAT IDEA. Just as an advice...

I wish I had pictures of various things to post, but I am on a work computer and are completely out of those things.

mrs. hands fixes that. :* Mr. Gurke sits here on the floor in my pretty
untidied sewing room and paints worms. "Måla maskar, mamma!" Since 
they watched worms at preschool he is horribly fascinated by them. and
ants. He even dreams of them. So this will be my easter weekend - bad
weather, staying at home for three days with an impatient pain in the neck.
Hooray :/

Take care of each other, be nice, stay safe, and ALWAYS wish a good morning, regardless which time it is.

Mr. Ears, signing out


  1. Having every other week off sounds delightful. Atm I work 8 days in a row for 6 to 10hours and get 2/3 days off, definitely not enough, especially with getting up at 4 in the morning every other day.
    But how would you manage seeing friends when they always had the week off while you have to work?
    Hm. But theoretically it sounds amazing ;D
    Summer cabin... getting a bit envious over here.. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Well, you can always change a shift with someone, but of course, yes, that's a bitch. I have former colleagues that work on the other shift that i only see when we change now. it is sad, but you can live with it...

  3. ... and 2/3 days off is not enough, is it? :(

  4. Yeah well, 3 days is always nice and I obviously work one of the more relaxed rosters, on other farms people work 11/3 off. I couldn't do that, it just is too physically exhausting. Europe is a bunch of lazy guys in comparison ;)

    Mr Gurke obviously is already embracing his creative DIY side, cool.

    1. How couldn't he - with those parents... :D

    2. Exactly what I thought when I wrote it. :D
      I guess we can probably expect a first vernissage ala Gurke or something like that in 15+ years....